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I believe that social media is an incredible opportunity to meet, connect, converse, disseminate, and collaborate in ways we never thought possible, and that the biggest risk of social media in health care is not using it at all. I write this guide from the perspective of a physician and researcher, but I think that the learnings generalize to a much larger group of individuals across the healthcare and research enterprise.

This resource began as a guide for the social media training that I conducted at the 2014 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program National Meeting. I have updated and expanded the content to include the important concept of digital citizenship, which was inspired by a lecture I gave to third year medical students at Michigan Medicine (see below). I will iteratively update and add more topics and content to the guide with time.

Above are the slides from my lecture for the 3rd year University of Michigan Medical Students about our dual roles of digital citizen and healthcare provider, and links to the 5 challenges we did in class.

Challenge #1: Take Back Your Metadata
Sign up for the Privacy Paradox podcast series by Manoush Zamorodi. Then do the first challenge to take back the metadata from your cellphone. 
Challenge #2: Duck Duck Go and Activity Controls in Google
Even though you are used to using Google, try using Duck Duck Go as a search engine: Turn off your Google Activity Controls if you want your separate your identity from gmail from ad tracking activity:
Challenge #3: Use the What Facebook Thinks You Like Tool
Download the Chrome extension "What Facebook Thinks of You"
Challenge #4: Rules and Etiquette
In case you haven't seen it, here is the social media guidance for medical students at University of Michigan. After reading the guidance discuss the scenarios from the following slides.
References: Click here for a list of references.

Social Media

We live in a networked age. It's a new world. Social media is an incredible opportunity to meet, connect, converse, disseminate, and collaborate in ways we never thought possible. There's a lot of skepticism about social media in the academic/healthcare world, but it's no longer a choice. It's the wave of the present and future. Check out my thoughts on this blogpost: We No Longer Live in the 1990s: Social media, Google, and the Internet ARE Medical Therapy, which was also published on and the BMJ blog.

I served as Social Media/Web Editor for the peer-reviewed journal JAMA Pediatrics from 2014 to 2017. I am also exploring how social media can be leveraged for research through my work with the Nightscout community. Here is my original Slideshare about Social Media and Academic Medicine and an updated Slideshare for physicians/medical students.

Social Media Workshops

I have given over 20 talks or workshops at national meetings and at academic centers to teach healthcare professionals (public health trainees, medical students, residents, research fellows, physicians, social workers, teachers, staff) about social media and I provide hands-on training on how to use social media effectively. For these workshops, I have created many varieties of social media "homework": 1st year medical students at the University of MichiganRobert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical ScholarsPublic Health Students, & Diabetes Educators.

Where do I exist on Social Media?

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