Welcome to the New World of Medical Education
via Social Media

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Hello, I'm Dr. Lee your Pediatric Endocrinology Attending.  This is a different type of resident learning experience! Go down the list as far as you can. The opportunity is in your hands: 

1. Welcome to Twitter! Please sign up for an account! 
Click here to begin. 

2. Are you curious to learn more about Twitter? Then check out my Twitter Superuser social media guide, but only after you have completed your patient care duties! It's a guide for the novice as well as the superuser http://twittersuperuser.com/.

3. Follow me and follow the robot endocrinologist on Twitter.
My Twitter handle: @joyclee. The robot endocrinologist Twitter handle: @roboendo

4. Ask the robot endocrinologist a question on Twitter, but nothing about specific patients otherwise the HIPAA gods will be after us:
Be sure to add the Twitter handle @roboendo and the hashtag #mottpeds to make sure that I see the tweet!

5. Follow our conversation about diabetes with the hashtag #mottpeds:
You can either search for the hashtag in Twitter or just hit this link

6. If you are an advanced user consider checking out these apps: 
I like using Echofon on my iPhone and Tweetdeck on the Desktop. 

7. Here are my Insulin Lecture Slides:

8. Resources for Residents: 
Check out our new clinic website! https://www.umpedsdiabetes.com/
At the bottom of the resource page are forms and handouts including electronic copies of the blue folder that patients receive in the hospital and educational materials for classes. 


Sheets for calculating insulin doses: 
One carbohydrate ratio, one correction ratio
Two carbohydrate ratios, one correction ratio 
How to write outpatient diabetes orders

9. Learn more about diabetes from my design guide.
Diabetes Design Guide

10. Check out our some of the work we have created through our collaborative Healthdesignby.us

Insulin Pump Video

Happy Tweeting! 
Yours Truly, Doctor as Designer.